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Led Televisions - An Analysis

There was a rapid development in the television industry. LED television was released by all the manufactures all over the world as soon as LCD TV replaced the CRT one. There are still new versions of LED televisions coming in the market. It is quite obvious that the new televisions are very good when compared to the older once. LED televisions are very lighter and thinner when compared to the older televisions. The older televisions had a heavy back due to the picture tubes. The latest LED televisions are very thin and sleek and very easy to handle. The color quality is different.You may want to check out right now here for more.

The television with LED backlight is lighter and thinner. The most important thing is the LED can emit rays with different color and wave-band from ultraviolet to infrared. Not only the volume of the panel will decrease because the LED backlight is applied, but also the light will be more even. The thickness of the new device can reach 2.99 centimeters or even thinner. It is difficult for the ordinary LCD to implement such thickness.

When it comes to the service life, the LED backlight technology is longer than the traditional one. As we know, the service life of ordinary LCD television is able to reach thirty thousand hours, even the top LCD TV can not exceed sixty thousand hours, while the LED television will never have such problem, the life can reach one hundred thousand hours. The new device can be utilized for almost fifty-five years if it opens five hours a day. The new device can also cope with the whole day utilization, because the develop space is still available. Moreover, low voltage drive is applied to the new device, which is very stable and safe. Finally, the LED television is tending to environmental protection, because the harmful materials are given up in the process of manufacture.


The color of LED backlight technology is also superior to ordinary one. As we know the color step of traditional cold cathode fluorescent light is not well reveled. The LED technology uses the light emitting diode to make every pixel flash according to the brightness of image, and the evenly distributed LED make the color and contrast effect perfect.

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